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    See the best hair hard wax vs soft wax in the Wax Guide's test for 2019 below:
    Here at waxguide.dk we have tested the most popular hair wax products on the market and found the 6 products that best suit you.

    To guide you to the best purchase, we have tested and looked at MANY different types of hair wax. Based on these analyzes, we have compiled the 3 best hair waxes, which are evaluated based on team, fragrance, price and how easy it is to wash out. Here you will find both hair wax for short, medium, thick and thin hair. Although many of the criteria are subjective, we have tried to be as objective as possible, so roll down and see which hair wax is right for you!

    What is Hair Wax?
    Since you are reading this guide, you probably already have a good sense of what hair wax is. Hair wax often has a content of organic products such as beeswax or kaolin clay, but this varies according to hair wax and quality. Hair wax has a more sticky and thick consistency than, for example, hair gel. Hair wax is super easy to style your hair with, and at the same time is relatively cheap compared to other hair products.

    Different types of hair wax
    There are of course also different types of hair wax. In some parts of the world there are no words for pomades and hair jellies, which results in people also calling it hair wax, which is not entirely correct.


    The different types of hair wax are as follows:

    Clay wax

    Clay wax (which you can guess from the name) has a clay consistency. It is a relatively new way of describing hair wax and can vary from being very thick to a very creamed consistency. One thing they all have in common, however, is the real content of clay in the wax. Here, natural bentonite is often used, which occurs from volcanic ash, which has been processed by the weather. It often gives a matte / dry look , and can also add volume to your hair without giving it extra weight. It adds nourishment to your hair and scalp, as contains minerals. This type of hair wax fits well with men with thin hair who want a more dry and full-bodied look.
    That is to say you get a "healthy" opportunity to put your hair - can it get better?

    Mud wax
    Mud wax is a softer and fun enough muddy. It can be used for both short and long hair, where it gives a more messy look.

    Cream wax
    If you look for your licked look, cream wax is a good choice! You get a hair wax that is easy to use and makes your hair look moist. These types of wax can still have a fine hold. Here is the black ID is a good example of a cream wax.



    How to put your makeup right

    1. Foundation
    Never test foundations on your hand grip as hands and face do not have the same color. When you need to find your color, you must therefore test it in the face or neck to make sure you get the rigid shade.

    2. Remember the throat
    Always run your foundation or powder on the neck as a starting point for the collar legs, unless you have a more skinny blouse on.

    In this way you avoid a makeup edge along the jaw and color difference when you come out in the daylight.

    3. Sun powder
    When using sun powder, it is a good idea to remember that it is giving a little sun. It only belongs to under the cheekbones and not to the whole face.  

    4. Highlighter
    Highlighter does not belong in the whole face, but on the cheekbones just above the sun powder.

    If you use a blush at the same time, this should be placed between the sun powder and the high light to give a little extra glow and life to the face.

    5. Eyeshadow
    When you put your beautiful eye shadow, remember that it should blend well so it naturally coincides with your own skin tone. It is not meant to be clear and sharp edges in your eye shadow.

    If you use more than one color, keep in mind that the colors must be blended together to make it more uniform. 

    6. Eyeliner
    You only need to use your liquid eyeliner on the upper lashes as eyeliner under the eye becomes too sharp and unnatural. Under the eye, you should rather use a pencil as it has a softer expression and therefore looks more natural.

    7. Eyelash curlers
    Your eyelash curler should be used within your mascara. If you bend them with mascara, they will either sit and make a funny notch. If you are really unlucky then they break off.

    8. Eyebrows
    You must remember that you only apply the color of the eyelash hairs and NOT to the skin. It just doesn't look natural if the whole brow is drawn up, so you can't see that you actually have eyebrow hairs from nature's side.

    9. Lipliner
    Lipliner is indispensable when using lipstick. It makes the edge leaky sharp and ensures that the color does not flow out. But it is a must to stay within the edges.

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